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Headteacher’s Blog 11.10.19

This week, Mrs O’Bray led a worship about the word ‘yet’ and the mindset of, ‘I can’t do it … yet’. I told the children that I still hadn’t mastered teaching long division, but that I felt confident that this year might be the year that I really crack it! In a lesson the following day, I was thrilled when one of my class, with a big grin on her face, said to me, ‘I get it now!’

Today has been our first team day of 2019-20. These are a fantastic opportunity for the children to work with children from different year groups, learn from each other and build new friendships. Today, all classes have been producing artwork to display in the hall based on our Christian values of Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Tolerance. Unfortunately, I was on a course in Matlock: I will post some pictures of the work next week.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have shown several prospective parents around the school. In these tours, I am becoming increasingly proud of our children’s positive attitudes, excellent manners and desire to do well in all lessons. These attributes make it very easy for me to explain to new parents why they should send their child to Church Broughton.

Next week, we will be taking part in our first inter-school football of the year. We have had a couple of great training sessions, with a focus on teamwork and passing. I look forward to reporting to you how they got on.

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